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Monitoring Streams For BMP and Riparian Restoration Effectiveness. .
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Transforming watershed in the Upper Alpowa Creek in Garfield County
DOE data collection on 11 sites in Garfield County
Pataha Creek Fecal Coliform - Compliance with Water Quality Standards.

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A very interesting article for all you no-tiller's concerning it's affect on soil health.
This web site will take you to a lot more information on soil health. 

Clean Water and Livestock Operations:  
Assessing Risks to Water Quality

The Department of Ecology (DOE) has recently released an assessment document to assist livestock operations determine if they may have a problem with their livestock adversely affecting the water quality of streams in the area.

The document is available here and will be downloaded onto your computer as a pdf file:
Assessment Document

The document is also available at the Pomeroy CD office at 910 Main St. 

Open for Business
The Pomeroy Conservation District office is open with limited access.

Face masks are required before entering our office.  They will be supplied if necessary as well as hand sanitizer.

Pomeroy CD office is open but we have limited staffing at this time.  If assistance is needed for the following:
Soil Lab and Burn program contacts posted on our entry door and website and our burn program staff is:

        •   taking applications by phone and email

        •   you the producer will need to coordinate with the burn program 
            staff to process permits and payments.

PCD Manager--Duane Bartels--Cell #509-566-7006

Burn Program and Soil Lab Contact--Pam Kimble-- Cell #509-843-3460

CREP Coordinator--Lance Frederick--Cell #509-751-2065