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Monitoring Streams For BMP and Riparian Restoration Effectiveness. .
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Transforming watershed in the Upper Alpowa Creek in Garfield County
DOE data collection on 11 sites in Garfield County
Pataha Creek Fecal Coliform - Compliance with Water Quality Standards.

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A very interesting article for all you no-tiller's concerning it's affect on soil health.
This web site will take you to a lot more information on soil health. 

Clean Water and Livestock Operations:  
Assessing Risks to Water Quality

The Department of Ecology (DOE) has recently released an assessment document to assist livestock operations determine if they may have a problem with their livestock adversely affecting the water quality of streams in the area.

The document is available here and will be downloaded onto your computer as a pdf file:
Assessment Document

The document is also available at the Pomeroy CD office at 910 Main St. 

Non-Shellfish Programmatic Guidelines:

     POMEROY CONSERVATION  DISTRICT Supervisor Election Cancelled

The Pomeroy Conservation District Board of Supervisors hereby informs the voting public that the incumbent (Bryan McKeirnan) has been re-elected to the currently open seat by reason of being the only person filing for the position by the filing deadline (January 9, 2017).  Therefore, no poll site, absentee balloting or mail balloting will be performed pursuant to WAC135-110-370. For further information, please contact the District at 509-843-5008.

   The Board of Supervisors of the Pomeroy Conservation District adopted resolution #2017 at their monthly meeting held December 14, 2016 at the District office in the Pomeroy Grain Grower building located at 910 Main St. in Pomeroy, WA.  This resolution sets a poll-site election date of a District Supervisor to the board for February 6, 2016 at the Pataha Flour Mill located at 50 Hutchens Hill Rd. in Pomeroy, WA.  

Election procedures are available at the District office.
See official Document17
Lee Blachly receives Certificate of Appreciation for 29 years. of service as District Supervisor from Dist. Mgr. Duane Bartels at 2017 Farmers Day.