Pomeroy Conservation District 

Paul Weimer - Auditor

Paul and his wife June operate a dryland wheat farm with a few head of cattle.  Paul was first elected to the district board in 2004 and has been re-elected since then. Paul brings management skills and common sense to the board. Paul also serves on the Four Star board of directors. 
Lee Blachly - Member

Lee and his wife Patti operate a wheat and cattle ranch with his brother Guy and wife Ann.  He was first appointed in 1987 and was on the board until 1997 when he resigned.  He was again appointed in 1999 and is presently serving on the board. Lee brings experience of both farming and ranching to the board.
Michael Hastings - Member

MIke and his wife Mindi operate a dryland wheat ranch.  Mike replaces his father Richard who was first appointed to the board in 1976 and resigned from the board in May. Mike brings his experience with the changes that have taken place over the years in ag mechanics and the movement towards Direct Seed. Like his father, his experience and knowledge is an asset to the board. 
Kyle Pearson - Chairman

Kyle is employed by C&S Farms that operates
a dryland wheat farm. Kyle was elected to the board in 2003 and was re-elected in 2006.  C&S Farms uses the no-till seeding practice extensively on their farms and Kyle works with the everyday trials and tribulations of this practice.  
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Bryan McKeirnan - Vice Chairman
Bryan is our newest supervisor, being appointed to replace John Dixon who recently resigned. Bryan and his wife Allison, moved back to Pomeroy in 2012 to return to the family farm.  Bryan graduated from Pomeroy High School in 1997.  He then attended Gonzaga and graduated in 2001 with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. Bryan grew up on the family farm and wants to continue with that profession and will be bringing youth and new ideas to the board.