Pomeroy Conservation District *Programs*
District Funding Programs -
  • Conservation Commission Implementation Grant   More information on Implementation 
  • Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP)  More information on CREP 
  • Department of Ecology Water Quality Improvement Program Grants  More information of DOE 
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 Open Field Burn Program - The district works in cooperation with the County Commissioners and the Department of Ecology (DOE) to administer the Open Field Burn Program in Garfield County. The district has been involved with DOE and the open field burn program since 1998.  The district became involved in the program because it feels that burning is an important tool in agriculture production and it wanted to work at the local level with the farmers to aid them in the burning of their fields when deemed necessary and all the criteria of the burn permit was met and also meet the rules and guidelines set by the Department of Ecology and state RCW's.  The open field permit application is available on this web site and can be filled out after downloading as it is in the word format. Just click once and application will appear in lower right corner. Spot burn permit applications are also available on this site.  All permit applications must be brought to the office to be completed.
District Plans - 

FY 2019 District Annual Plan of Work
5 year Long Range Plan
CREP eligible streams in Garfield County