This web site was built for those interested in the local activities, services, local weather, and programs offered by the Pomeroy Conservation District. The district's role in Garfield County is to aid in the conservation of all the natural resources by providing information/education, funding programs and other resources to the local farmers and ranchers.  The district assists the farmers and ranchers with the implemention of best management practices that reduce soil erosion and improve water quality.   
Pomeroy Conservation District 

910 Main St., PO Box 468  Pomeroy,. WA 99347
phone:  509 843 5008
One of several no-till drills operationg in the county.
District 60 ft. sprayer equipped with weed-seeker technology. Has 60 ft. boom, 500 gallon main tank, 50 gallon rinse tank, air suspension boom end wheels, tandem axle with 12.5-16 tires & wheels, powder coated metal, 9303P-HM4C hydraulic driven pump, suction & fill plumbing, 60 weedseeker sensors and nozzles.   
CREP Riparian grass planting
Rainfall Simulator transport trailer with sponsors.  One sponsor was accidently misprinted when this picture was taken.  That sponsor was the Shepherd Foundation. Picture below shows the results of heavy residue compared to very little residue on affecting runoff and moisture infiltration. 
​    Sold